How To Win Online Slots In 2023

How To Win Online Slots In 2023 – Every casino player wants to know how to win online slots. That’s the million dollar question literally, in some cases. Buckle up.

We’ve created an extensive online slots guide below detailing all of the best strategies and tips. Real money slots are one of the most popular games you can find on top casino sites.

In fact, you will likely find hundreds of titles at any online casino that are well worth the money. Their almost universal appeal depends on a number of factors, including that they are incredibly easy to play!

All you have to do is set how much you want to bet per spin, and hit the Play button. However, behind this easy-to-use facade lies a comprehensive list of elements that determine the outcome of a game, which we’ll explore in more detail in the next section.


How To Win Online Slots In 2023?

Spinning the reels in video slots is very easy, but behind the scenes are all the mechanics that determine when you lose, when you win, and what your payout amount is.


As we have said many times in this article, online slots are purely based on luck. But the luck didn’t just come. Rather, it is the result of a Random Number Generator (RNG).

In land based casinos the RNG is mechanically driven; In online casinos, the RNG is a computer algorithm, which is basically a list of instructions given to a video slot.

RTP & House Edge

These independent auditors are also responsible for running similar tests to verify the Return to Player (RTP) rate of certain slots.

In theory, RTP determines how much of your stake you can expect to return when you play. So, in a title like NetEnt’s Starburst , which has an RTP of 96.01%, users will get 96.01p/c back for every €/£/$1 they bet on average.

The rest of the bet, in this case 3.99%, will be retained by the casino, which is its edge. But things are not that simple for the players.

The RTP of video slots is often calculated to be over a million or even a billion spins. This means that not all players will receive the same percentage back.

Granted, some players might get less than 50%, while someone who hits the jackpot might get 50,000% or more. RTP is not always constant. In games that come with multiple bonus features or that are part of a progressive jackpot, the RTP will be different for the base game and when playing the bonus features.

Volatility & Variance

Volatility and variance are two words that you are likely to find in many video slot reviews. And although the two terms refer to the same thing, they are not technically interchangeable.

Volatility refers to how unpredictable the results of a slot are in the short term. Variance refers to how unpredictable the outcome of a slot is in the long term.

Despite the technical differences, many use the terms synonymously when it comes to online slots. The two rates are usually given a rating that ranges from low to high.

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